For Sale

1977 MACIAS #540

This guitar is the namesake model of the "Pied Noir" singer Enrico Macias.. similar in every way from the "standard" model.. except it is made of Maple.. three piece Maple neck, with an Ebony fingerboard, laminated curly Maple back and some point in it's life, the guitar had a couple knobs on the upperside of the guitar.. as was the "practice" to have "onboard" controls, in the 80's and 90's.. the holes were masterfully plugged..the guitar also had a pickguard, which was also masterfully removed, with a super thin finish application in the area.. and finally it suffered a "bump" on the is outfitted today with a beautiful set of Miller Replica Tuners...and now for the really good stuff.. the guitar plays and sounds great.. needing absolutely nothing done but to be played.. so enjoy..!!! NHSC $11,000.00

1977 Jazz #580

Three piece maple neck, laminated rosewood back and sides, tinted solid spruce top Delaruelle tailpiece and SB tuners.. outfitted with a Big tone pick up.. this is the quintessential Favino guitar... built by four people..not just Jacques.. for those who still don't get it.. excellent playability and sound.. NHSC $11,000.00 ON HOLD

1986 Lefty Patrick Saussois #965

In April of 1986, Patrick Saussois took delivery of this guitar that he had custom built. The label reads "construite pour Patrick Saussois..Affectueuement.. Jean Pierre Favino" with the serial number # 965, This shows further proof that Jean Pierre continued to use his father's serial numbering scheme as late as 1986. Selmer size, it has the classic Favino three piece maple neck with an ebony fingerboard. brazilian laminated back and sides and european spruce top. Jean Pierre crafted a wooden tailpiece of ebony and put the PS initials on it. at some point, Patrick may have been curious to check as to how different the guitar might sound with a "conventional" metal tailpiece.. the original is now back on. apart from a couple of hits and scrapes, the guitar is in excellent condition. the action, playability and sound are spot on.. Letfy Favino guitars are quite rare.. this one comes a celebrated "Gadjo" who is missed for his charming personality, quick with a smile, and with a tremendous contribution the the "rebirth" of the genre, with his playing and efforts through his own "Djaz" label.. NHSC $6,500.00