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1950's 14 Fret Oval Hole

this is a beautiful late production Busato with the "rue de Menilmontant" address on the customary little plaque.. fancy "accordeon" headstock inlays, original BB tailpiece and tuners. grainy laminated Brazilian back and sides. the fingerboard was badly warped and needed to be replaced.. one noteworthy item about the top is that is was originally made of FIVE pieces..!! one can clearly see the lines.. a 2 piece bookmatched middle piece, and two "wing' pieces..hardly what one sees on a guitar today..but apparently an "acceptable" decision then..the top is absolutely solid, and maintains it's original arch and "pliage". the guitar sounds absolutely fantastic.. rating as one if not the best sounding Busato i have ever had.. the playability is perfect, and the neck angle is perfect and the action can be adjusted up or down.. a near miracle for one of these.. need i repeat that Busato guitars are considered by some to be the "nec plus ultra" of Gypsy guitars.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)