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1945 Busato Grand Modèle #44


This is the original "Matrice" from the Selmer company. With the help of a Pentograph, it was used to transfer and inscribe the Selmer Logo on every Headstock plaque that graced every single guitar. It was in the pile of everything guitar related that was sold to Jean Beuscher in 1953, when the guitar workshop was closed forever. Many years later it was gifted to me. Enjoy.


I lowered the price of the lefty Favino # 965 that belonged to Patrick Saussois can a lefty realize this is a worthy instrument from the late talented musician..made by an equally talented Luthier...

A Rare Trio

A very rare Salvatore Amico, a child-size Jacques Favino "Jazz Model" and an "Blvd de Ménilmontant" Bortolo Busato.



1950 "Gypsy Mystery"

Stimer Amps

1949 Selmer Petite Bouche #823

Busato 1942 Grand Modèle #44

1970's Favino Petite Bouche

1960's Di Mauro Heartshape