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1950's Grand Modele

This guitar has a back and sides, that people in France, refer to as "Citronnier" everything to do with Citrus..!!! (thanks Bob) the name in fact is Ceylonese some point in it's life, somebody "carved" a space near the end of the fingerboard to accomodate a Stimer..the neck angle being too shallow.. the neck is now reset, the top is repaired, the fingerboard and frets are new..the whole guitar has been "French Polished".. it is gorgeous and it is ready to go for decades to come..the action is perfect, the playbility is perfect, and the sound is outstanding. as a bonus it comes with all it's original bits. paper label on the neck block, headstock plaque, as well as the original tuners and tailpiece. you can own a gorgeous Grand Modele for a fraction of it's "normal" value. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)