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1940's circa Grand Modele

This is an outstanding example of the Busato "Grand Modèle". known as the "Bastille"...illustrating why players as far back as before the War, where choosing this guitar over the much more expensive Selmer. the structure of the guitar is perfect.. the neck is straight..the original "brass" finish frets in great shape..the "bombé" of the top as well as the back, are like the fisrt day, and the neck angle too. the finish on the back and sides is quite worn, and the top received an ever so thin French Polishing to seal it. It is sporting the original tuners, tailpiece, as well as the paper label on the neck block. the playability is perfect, and the sound is outstanding. plenty of bass and cristal highs. it is "miraculous" that this guitar suffered no "injuries" over the course of it's long life. the top is free of any cracks.. just a few nicks here and there.. it is simply outstanding..hard to top this one.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)