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1930's Grand Luxe

Circa 1938, this is truly an extraordinary guitar in every way... outstanding condition..rarity..playability and sound..and to crown all this, an original hardcase never seen before. most probably "decorated" at the request of the original owner, with his initials on the headstock. 675mm scale, 4.5 inches thick..a full inch thicker than a Selmer, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, "decorated" and "radiused" ebony fingerboard, original BB tuners and internal label..original "Grand Luxe" black finish. magnificent "accordeon trim" on the headstock. the top has no cracks but some pick wear. at some point in it's life, it had a "sous-touche" installed to correct the neck angle, ( a "simpler" way than ungluing the neck to reset it) and keep the original fingerboard. the case illustrates the likelihood that before the War, BB had his best cases made to absolutely duplicate the Selmer case. before this one, I had NEVER seen such a case in 35 years. were it not to the specific dimensions of the Busato, one might use it for a Selmer..!!! OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)