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1973 Petite Bouche #296

This is an outstanding example of "Jacques'" work built during his "Golden Era"..( not forgetting that his son Jean Pierre and TWO helpers..Gino Papiri and Ugo Terraneo were buiding these guitars with him all along..that's FOUR sets of hands)..So when certain comments are made about a guitar being a "Jacques" needs to remember, that HIS guitars were made by 8 hands..!!! One originality about this one is the slim fast neck..illustrating that one could indeed get whatever neck shape one wanted..laminated rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, three piece maple neck with an ebony fingerboard and original SB tuners.. it arrives today in brilliant condition..not a crack in sight.. somebody had the top "shaded" to cover an area of pick wear, as well as the addition of a clear "golpeador" to further protect the top.. perfect top geometry..perfect neck..perfect playability..OUTSTANDING sound.. this is indeed a great one..and of course getting harder and harder and harder to find in any condition.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)