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1943 Moyen Modèle #43 #no serial

Known as the "Moyen Modèle"..Petite Bouche "Egg Shaped".. with the " Cité Griset" white label on the neck block..longer 680mm scale..Selmer size, but 1cm shallower.. laminated rosewood back and sides..solid spruce top..solid Walnut neck with ebony fingerboard.. this is a War time instrument, when materials were scarce. so this top was made of several pieces of spruce. considering that it was an "accepted practice", they gave those pieces a name.. "Chanteaux"..the top has several cracks..most noticeably one that runs the length of the's been cleated and is stable. the guitar is outfitted with Schaller gypsy tuners and a Delaruelle Busato replica was also refretted, so now the playabilty and action are perfect..the back of these are "thermo-formed" and not braced, so they are stiffer and produce an even barkier and more compressed sound than the others.. creating the distinctive in your face kinda voice.. this guitar wants to be played..!!! NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)