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1940 Grand Luxe #46

This is truly an exceptional guitar.. by it's rarity, it's condition, and it's extraordinary tone.. Busato Grand Luxe do not appear very often.. this one is even rarer as it is a 14 fret large is also outfitted with a detachable PU, the likes of which I have never seen before.. it is called the "L'Amplific" made in Paris..!!! most probably contemporary to Stimer.. the bracket affixed at the end of the fingerboard, allows for a quick installation and removal. the guitar was refretted while preserving the original inlays, and now the playability is spot on.. the fingerboard is radiused, which is another noteworthy aspect of this guitar.. also sporting a snazzy original pickguard.. no cracks ..the guitar was played but not abused.. the action is perfect and the sound, volume and tone are of a superlative order.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)