For Sale

1950 Petite Bouche #no serial

This is one gorgeous vintage guitar, in fabulous condition.. solid spruce top, beautiful laminated Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a replaced and refretted ebony board on what could be a Beechwood one piece is outfitted with a Busato reissue tailpiece..and with a set of most beautiful Selmer style tuners.. I am including a shot of 4 generations of SB tuners from the Favino Book.. none look like these..they are Selmer without the initials.. Busato has built so many different guitars, one could be inclined to call it one..I do not believe it is..every single aspect of this guitar is different in subtleties..the headstock size and shape, the neck material, the heel, the soundhole shape, the purfling..the kerfing, the thermo-formed two piece laminate back the shape and size of the moustaches..etc..etc.. now for the great's an outstanding vintage guitar from the late 40's early 50's.. nobody, but nobody, would have been making these tuners past when Selmer ceased operations.. it plays and sounds great..light as a feather as most old guitars are.. arrived in the 21st century in brilliant condition..the neck angle is perfect, and the action is spot on...just needs to be played... NHSC $6,500.00