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circa 1940's 14 Fret F holes #no serial

Here we have a rare guitar by an elusive Luthier, who like many predecessors immigrated to France, and set up shop in Paris. this model is different in many ways from the "standard" gypsy style guitar..with a pronounced arched spruce top, and two squiggly F holes, it's made of laminated Walnut back and sides, with a solid Mahogany originally had a darkened soft wood fingerboard with long parallel inserts..due to the scarcity of Ebony.. the fingerboard is replaced with an solid Ebony board and was refretted.. War time bend metal Tailpiece, and original tuners that turn backwards..copy of the original bridge with a bone insert..there is one crack that has been filled and is not moving at all..the body is missing some binding here and there. the playability has been fully restored.. the sound is warm and open, yet not lacking for original rarity..!! NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)