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1966 Flat Top #3

This is a very early example of Jacques Favino's foray into the Flat Top world.. the serial number # 3 might be an indication..or not.. laminated rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, "classic" Favino three piece maple neck, with rosewood fingerboard.. this guitar might be his interpretation of a J-200, albeit with an 18 inch lower bout. early left over SB Tuners that turn backwards, gotta use what you got...!!. this guitar saw very little play time.. the action is good and there is saddle left in case somebody at some point might want to lower it further.. the sound is full, and it carries the same type of uncanny reverb that is found in the jazz models..go comes in a super super tight period Favino case, that requires some wiggling to install and extract.. but hey.. it's original, and as rare as the guitar..!! UPDATE.. the neck was showing signs of needing addressing.. it's being taken care of, and the action will be restored to buttter.. OHSC $3,000.00