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1942 Petite Bouche #529

This guitar was built at the beginning of WWII..production was reduced to near halt..very very few guitars of any sort leave the Mante La Jolie workshop. this can only be assumed, as the ledger of the period shows massive gaps in the production.. with numbers attributed but seldom the confirmation that an instrument exists.. and boy does this one exist.. it is in outstanding condition..having been refretted for playability, and two splits have been repaired..they are nearly invisible, and the top retains it's full "bombé" as it did the day it was built..the playability is spot on, and the sound is simply have a Wartime Selmer Petite bouche from the most coveted 500 series is just a comes in the original life beaten case.. I just received a message that got me thinking.. it went kinda like this.."how can such a fine super rare guitar be at the price it is.."..?? it could be expected to cost more..?? so, the initial askingl price was $ 28,500.. it is now..Merci Jean...!!! OHSC $30,000.00