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FAVINO 1977 JAZZ #580


1940 Busato Grand Luxe


A beautiful 1980 Jacques Favino 14-fret Oval Hole once owned by Biréli Lagrène.


Favino Guitars Myth

I wish to shed some light on the "Jacques Favino Model." Too often people, confuse the model he created, with whose hands actually built it. At the peak of production in the Mid 1970's, 4 people worked alongside each other, building the "Jacques Favino Model": Jacques Favino, Jean Pierre Favino, Ugo Terraneo, and Gino Papiri. When Jacques and Gino retired in 1978, Jean Pierre and Ugo continued to build the "Jacques Favino Model" indistinguishable from the guitars built by the four of them.

In 1984, Ugo retired, and Jean Pierre introduced his own model. So in actual fact, when misinformed people label the guitars built between 1978 and 1984 "Jean Pierre" guitars they are WRONG! Those guitars were the "Jacques Favino Model" built by 4 hands instead of 8.

When Jean Pierre stopped making his Father's model, and introduced his own model that guitar became the "Jean Pierre Favino Model." In my "Best of Gallery" one can see an example of a 1984 "Jacques Favino Model" made by Jean Pierre. From 8 hands down to two hands, but the very same guitar.

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