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1951 14 fret oval hole #849

FABULOUS...!!! this is how this guitar is... late example with a rosewood neck without the grafted headstock... it belonged to Loulou Gasté, and is entered in the Selmer log book as having left Mantes on 21/9/51 and having been purchased on 13/12/51.. anybody alive in France during the 50's has heard of Loulou.. songwriter, guitarist, and band leader.. he certainly was quite a presence.. his photo appears in Francois' book on page 13 in the Ray Ventura band with an oval hole, then with a round hole non cut on page 84, and again with a round hole cutaway on page115.. must have liked those Selmer guitars..!! at some point the guitar was refretted in Jean Beuscher's shop, and his label was put inside above the original label... it's got NO cracks, no finish work or overspray.. it does have scatches, but remains in extraordinary condition, with a beautiful original arch to the top... excellent playability and sound...a superlative instrument.. VintageHSC SOLD (BEST OF)