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1932 Maccaferri 12 Fret D Hole

This guitar belonged to Francis Alfred Moerman, and began it's life as a 7 string Hawaiian. when he came across the instrument, he fell in love with the outstanding sound of it.. years ago, he asked Maurice Dupont to create a cutaway, so the guitar would be more usable to him.. the work is so extraordinary, that it is simply undetectable.. if I did not know the story, I wouldn't have guessed it a conversion..the fingerboard was replaced and refretted. the resonator had been removed at an earlier time, and it lost it's serial number. this guitar is photographed on the cover of two his albums, and in several publicity shots NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Maccaferri 12 Fret D Hole

without the internal resonator..this guitar is indeed from the earliest production..having the Selmer logo set low on the can faintly see where the Maccaferri patent would have been set.. this guitar is in outstanding condition, excellent big cracks anywhere.. traces of the resonator presence still to be seen.. unfortunately, removing the resonators, was very much in fashion in the past, and thus losing the serial number.. it has been refretted on the original fingerboard, and the original tuners (replaced buttons) are on, as well as the tailpiece. the sound is outstanding NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Concert #130

this guitar has had most of the restoration work done on the top.. several cracks repaired, and the whole top French Polished.. it also had the neck reset, and has been refretted.. that's it for the negative.. for the positive, it remains an extremely rare and highly collectible early Maccaferri, retaining the resonator inside, as well as excellent sound and playability.. as of 2005, only half a dozen of these guitars have been actually found.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 7 string Hawaiian #152

this is truly an extraordinary instrument, with an extraordinary life.. I will never attempt to upstage Stan Jay when it comes to diatribe..he is the uncontested master of it.. and so I will try to make it short and sweet.. only a handfull of these were ever built, and this one has traveled very well in time.. it surfaced in the hands of an old gypsy in the Swiss Alps... how about that Stan..???!!! when I got it, it was set up Spanish... proving that one does not need a cutaway to play gypsy music... it is now set up Hawaiian.. but with a simple switch of bridge, tailpiece and nut, the guitar becomes a perfectly suitable six string instrument... I will of course provide all the bits necessary.. the tailpiece holes line up perfectly with the original ones, making it a breeze.. the guitar in both settings, sounds like a Church on sunday morning at 11am... NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Tenor D Hole #162

With internal resonator. this is the "Grand Modele" which is a guitar body fitted with a tenor neck.. very very few of these early models have survived in their original incarnation, having almost all fallen to the conversion option... rosewood back and sides, walnut neck and ebony fingerboard, this is a perfect example. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Maccaferri D Hole #163

Provenance.. Provenance..This guitar has quite a past.. it was brought to the US in the 50's,.. bought in Paris from Joseph Reinhardt, who ran an ad in the paper to sell it.. this is oral history.. no reason for me not to believe an elderly person who got it from his friend.. at some point, the top was deemed scratched enough to warrant a "protection"..a sticky paper was applied in the shape of a pickguard.. Now, it has a more recent version of a pickguard.. the top is whole underneath, and perfectly solid..the resonator is intact as well. it's label is uniquely placed on the inside of the reflector... the guitar truly plays and sounds great...with the original case..!!! OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Espagnole/Classique #216

This guitar is extraordinary in many ways, and puzzling in so many other ways.. The # 216 entry on the Selmer log book is blank.. no model description or details of sale.. like so many other entries left blank for us to ponder..what is puzzling about this guitar is that it has the dimensions of the "Classique" although it has a label that says "Espagnole".. a trace of the possible inprint of a "reflector" belonging to the internal resonator.. but no sign of ever having one installed.. it has a rounded headstock, where they "decided" to eliminate the "stairstep" outline of the "Classique" and repositionned the Selmer brand to accomodate.. it sports the early patent number suggesting it having been built before July has signs of having had at some point some sort of tailpiece.. even TWO sorts of tailpieces.. but yet not showing anywhere on the the guitar any signs of damage from those installations.. in 1933, Mario leaves the Selmer company, and the direction of the Atelier..during and after that period, a number of drastic changes are made..the internal resonator is abandonned, and models are modified, transformed, or simplified.. could this guitar be one of them.. today the guitar is set up with nylon strings as it was intented.. the sound is outstanding and the playability is spot on... the condition is superb.... making this example, albeit most "unusual", a truly extraordinary Selmer guitar..and most probably the best example of this "hybrid" model in existence anywhere.. HSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Tenor #226

This is the only example of the "Petit Modèle Tenor" I have ever had complete with resonator in 30 years of dealing vintage guitars. In outstanding original condition, I consider it "the Holy Grail "of Tenor guitars.." entry 226 is blank in the Selmer book, leaving the exact date of manufacture a guess.. most probably late 1932, during a time when "L'Atelier de Mantes la Jolie" is in full swing, with Mario Maccaferri at the helm. Apart from 3 top cracks repaired with splints (to the highest level of quality restoration), the guitar is simply in pristine condition, with excellent sound and playability. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1932 Maccaferri D Hole #85

Where to begin..!!!! indeed the first thing say about this guitar is that it is in fact the first recorded serial # in the Selmer Log Book. does it mean it is the first one...??? possibly not, but then again they began with it..!!! another peculiar thing about it, is that it also bears an addtionnal number on the back of the headstock " 1050" not corresponding to any know other numbering scheme.. during the course of it's life, it was repaired of two top cracks and what looks like 4 tiny holes in a most qualified manner, by a most accomplished Luthier, utilizing the " flipot" method of laying in the cracks a sliver of spruce, thereby rendering the repairs almost invisible and then French polishing over, with the thinnest layer of lacquer. More recently, Maurice Dupont replaced the fingerboard, as it had been previously replaced with a "wrong" one. while doing this he also repaired some scrapes and "eruptions' on the back of the neck, and then sparingly finished it . the intentions have clearly been all along to do the absolute minimum possible, while doing what was needed. the guitar is ultimately in outstanding condition, and a most significant piece. the sound is perfectly balanced and projects quite well. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Tenor #219

A beautiful untouched 1933 Selmer Maccaferri Tenor "Petit Modèle" serial #219. Complete with the internal resonator and a period gig bag, this guitar has had a most unusual life. It left the Mantes la Jolie workshop on the 27th of February 1933, mistakenly entered in the log as a "Grand Modèle 4 cordes" when it is in fact a "Petit Modèle 4 cordes" along with many other guitars headed to Selmer London. In the beginning of 1933 a large shipment of Tenors along with the new model Eddie Freeman were being delivered. Fate must have been that this cute little guitar never got sold, and eventually was returned to France, where it languished until it became part of the Pierre Beuscher sale in early 1952. Pierre promptly afixed his paper label inside the guitar, as well as his store "plaque" on the back of the heastock. The guitar is in pristine condition...absolutely scratches, and no "moustaches" either. Likely to be the most pristine example of this model in existence!!!" SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Tenor #221

This is a lovely instrument, with a beautiful perched voice..the playability is perfect and the action is spot on. as with most of these guitars, the top suffered several cracks, which were all repaired and are now stable.. the rest of the guitar is again as always unscathed.. it still has the internal resonator, and all the bits are original..if you look in my gallery, you will see that i sold a number of them..all more expensive...this one is priced to sell..bring this 1930's voice to your combo..!!! NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Tenor #233

Entered in the Selmer log has having been sent to London on the 27th of Febuary 1933 and listed as a "Grand Modele 4 cordes".. it turns out to be the "normal" Tenor size..they did not have in Paris, quite the methodology of Nazareth PA..!! 3 top cracks were superbly splinted and the finish was gone over ever so lightly on the top only..the rest of the finish is was also refretted, although one can hardly see any wear or a clear reason to have done it. most probably lost or broken over time, a correct set of DR tuners and tailpiece have been installed and "patina-ed" for the complete look.. dare to jump and add your "Tenor bark" to your favorite string combo.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Eddie Freeman #238

This is an absolutely PERFECT example of the model..and the earliest serial # i have had. already with the headstock shape, but without the Eddie Freeman name. the label inside reads "Orchestre". in pristine original condition along with an excellent original case. The playability is spot on, and it has a amazing amount of volume. One could not hope to ever find a better example. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Maccaferri D Hole #254

6 string with internal resonator. formerly owned by english guitarist LOUIS GALLO. this is a superlative instrument, being part of that initial batch of guitars that were send to London. For an instrument nearly 70 years old, it remains in exquisite condition, resting in it's beautiful original case. it has been refretted, and in the process, the fingerboard was thinned down. the dot markers are unoriginal, and there are some side dot makers added. At some point in it's life, the whole guitar was oversprayed. It still has the oversized clear plastic "pick protector" that can be seen on the 1972 cover picture of BMG, as well as the replaced bridge with a bone inset. Although the Selmer log states that this serial number was attributed to a 4 string, there is no definitive sign that this guitar was ever converted.. There have been numerous examples of serial number having been used twice and sometimes three times. This is likely one of those. It is in excellent condition without any cracks, and the sound is what sets this guitar apart.. making obvious why LOUIS GALLO chose to keep this guitar. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 E.Freeman conversion #256

This is a most unusual, and clever way to have converted an Eddie Freeman. Generally people remove the original neck and put on a brand new one, thus "robbing" the guitar of half of it's identity. In this case, the Luthier who did the job kept the neck and added a wider neck and fingerboard on top of the original neck..all this done most expertly, thus reaching an excellent result of playability and comfort. The top has had several cracks repaired and cleated. The guitar plays and sounds great, needing nothing done.. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Eddie Freeman #261

Gorgeous example of a guitar that is becoming harder and harder to find in its original condition.. this one even has the original case. the sound is tremendous, the playability, just like it was when it left the "Atelier de Mantes la Jolie" OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Eddie Freeman #282

Beautiful example of a fast becoming rare it's original configuration..the fist dot is a replacement, and the bridge as well.. the rest is 100% original down to the case.. excellent playability and cracks save for a small one at the end of the fingerboard.. excellent playability and sound. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1933 Eddie Freeman #317

solid spruce top, laminated rosewood back and sides, walnut neck with ebony of the few that have survived the "conversion".. excellent playability and sound.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934 Grande Bouche #284

Rarely in life is one afforded the opportunity to own any two consecutive items.. I got lucky.. after owning # 285, i had the good fortune of being able to purchase # 284.. the guitar is in remarkable for a couple of cracks that were repaired and are nearly invisible now. Two small "fissures" were repaired on the back of the neck . the guitar sounds amazing and it is complete with the resonator and the original case. at some point in it's life, the guitar was refretted and got the "English treatment", with additional inlays, as well as the dot on the 9th, instead of the "French 10th".. enjoy.. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934 12 fret D hole with resonator #285

Where else to begin on this one, but to simply state that this is the best Maccaferri guitar I have ever seen, heard, and owned...!!!! if there was a Holy Grail of early gypsy guitars, this one is it... to add to the Lore, it lived most of it's life in Scotland...!! the fresh North Atlantic air did this one a world of good... it simply has the best voice I've ever heard.. the playability is outstanding, and it's gypsy soul radiates... NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934 Orchestre #286 Bis

rarely in one's "career", is there an opportunity to come across an 85 year old guitar, in practically new condition.. this is one such guitar.. registered in the log book as a "bis"..on that page, as many as 7 other instruments are marked that way.. A French way of inserting something in between two numbers.. the label says 286, but the log book more accurately names it a "bis".. the other # 286 being a Freeman.. this guitar was sent to London on the 13th of March 1934.. making it most probably one of if not the last early Maccaferri to leave Mantes La Jolie.. in extraordinary for a short surface crack next to the treble fingerboard some point the owner had a clear protector pickguard installed. it has been removed, and one can barely see the outline when looking at a certain angle. the Resonator is intact, and the finish is in pristine condition. the playability is spot on and the sound is superb..this guitar rarely saw daylight.. it comes in the ultra rare original red covering Pergamoid hard case, itself in near new condition.. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934 Maccaferri D hole #350

This guitar belonged to Francis-Alfred Moerman, who, for many years carried the torch of Gadjo players.. a long time accompanist to Sarane Ferret, and his most fervent disciple. the guitar is from the generation of the Maccaferri without resonators.. the label reads model "Orchestre". over the course of it's life, it's had at least 3 different fingerboards, and has had some overspray, as well as several well repaired top cracks.. it is in perfect playing condition and the sound is tremendous.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934 Maccaferri D Hole #372

Without internal resonator. Rosewood back and sides, Spruce top, Ebony board. This guitar comes from the transitional period. Mario is gone, and without anybody at the "creative helm", the guitar workshop continues to produce [albeit, at at reduced output] and experiment. this one is likely to be one of the last "Maccaferri" 12 fret D hole, the internal resonator having been abandoned, as too complex and expensive in construction... the guitar shows it's gypsy life.. the top has several repaired cracks, the guitar is original , save for the replaced bridge.. Macs are quite rare in any condition... this one produces a clear even tone and is quite lovely...I am given the green light to lower the price on this great guitar that has been sleeping instead of being played.. from $17.5K it is now reduced to.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934 (Circa) Oval Hole

Transition Model. Oval Hole. Erased serial number. This model hinges the Maccaferri period, and the Selmer period.. 12 fret 640 mm scale, it's most probably a guitar that was build when they finally figured out what kind of new top design Selmer would adopt. Rosewood back and sides, walnut neck, oval hole spruce top. This guitar suffered some moisture damage, and needed restoration, the neck was also reset. Today this guitar is a vibrant instrument showing clearly why it was worth the trouble to bring it back to life. The playability is impeccable and the sound is one of the best I've ever heard. Original case with lots of character. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1934.(circa) 7 string Hawaiian #418

beautiful example of Mario's early design. this guitar was prominently featured in Francois' book on page 111. it has the internal resonator and is in outstanding original condition. the sound transports you to the mellow shores of Hawaii.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1938 Bouche Ronde #442

This guitar is also part of the batch that was left from the Maccaferri era. when the decision was made at the factory to finish the "left over" bodies and outfit them with a "traditional" Round Hole...It wa sold on October 28th 1938 to a Mr Gatti in Nice. The guitar had two top cracks that were extremely well repaired, and is otherwise in excellent has been refretted, and it now plays like a dream. i has a big open voice, broader sounding than the oval. only half a dozen have surfaced in the last 35 years.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1938 Round Hole #445

13 fret, rosewood back and sides, walnut neck and ebony fingerboard. this guitar is part of the small group of Mac bodies and necks, that were assembled in 1938-1940, the round hole was most probably an idea that would help in completing a series of guitars, made from bodies and necks that had been produced earlier.. only a handful have ever surfaced. the guitar needed restoration..several top cracks were repaired, it was refretted, and the whole thing was French polished.. it is now a vibrant instrument, and quite rare as well. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1938 Bouche Ronde #448

This guitar is part of a batch of unfinished guitars that was left from the Maccaferri era.. the decision was made at the Atelier to complete the "left over" bodies and build them with a "simpler traditional" Round Hole the Selmer log it is marked as having been sold to a Mr Montreux (or sent to the city of) on 27/10/1938. the guitar shows it's gypsy life..with several well repaired top also has been refretted, and now plays like a dream. It has a big open voice, broader sounding than the oval. only half a dozen have surfaced in all the is truly a special guitar.. with an even more attractive price now.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1940 14 Fret Oval Hole #520

built at the beginning of the War, only a few numbers away from Django's.. one of the few Solid Mahogany guitars recorded.. traversing all this time without a crack on the top.. and still in it's original case.. this one is a gem.. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1941 circa 14 Fret Oval #526

This guitar is likely to have been built in december '41 or early january '42.. it has had the fingerboard replaced, the neck reset, and has been refretted.. several top cracks have been closed and repaired.. making it a superbly playing instrument.. it happens to be the oldest oval hole I have had in the last 10 years.. early 40's Selmer guitars are extremely rare..this is a great sounding guitar, and with the work done, is bound to offer years of exciting playing..tall bridge, excellent string angle make for a lively, expressive voice.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1942 Petite Bouche #529

This guitar was built at the beginning of WWII..production was reduced to near halt..very very few guitars of any sort leave the Mantes-La-Jolie workshop. this can only be assumed, as the ledger of the period shows massive gaps in the production.. with numbers attributed but seldom the confirmation that an instrument exists.. and boy does this one exist.. it is in outstanding condition..having been refretted for playability, and two splits have been repaired..they are nearly invisible, and the top retains it's full "bombé" and "plié", as it did the day it was built..the playability is spot on, and the sound is simply have a Wartime Selmer Petite bouche from the most coveted 500 series is just a comes in the original life beaten case..THIS ONE IS THE BEST PETITE BOUCHE ON PLANET EARTH..~~~~ OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1942 Classique #548

This is one of only 2 known surviving "Classique" model. solid Rosewood back and sides, solid European spruce top, Walnut neck with Ebony fingerboard. several top cracks have been addressed and a super thin "French Polish" applied. the playability is perfect and the sound is so outstanding, that everybody who's played it has been floored. although the likely date of "release" in 1942, the consensus is that this guitar and the other surviving one #550, were in fact built much earlier and simply never sold, until such time, early in WWII, when anything ready and alvailable was finally offered for sale. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1942 Petite Bouche #575

This guitar belongs in the "Pantheon of Gypsy Players"...This is Roger Chaput's Petite Bouche..many will wonder why on earth the "transformation" to a round hole.. why the "marquettry..why the pickguard..?? he was a Musician, a Painter, a Artist with a capital A, and there is no doubt that he tried his hand at "Lutherie" as well.. Mr Chaput is no longer with us to answer these questions..he was the first and BEST Gadjo guitar player to play with Django..he does have a place in that small Pantheon..a very elite spot along with Henri Crolla, Didi Duprat and Loulou Gasté....I lifted a couple of shots of Roger with Django when they were both playing Maccaferri D holes... The guitar sounds and plays is part of the 500 series guitars..where we find all the best sounding ones..although it is far enough down that series, that the Atelier might have decided that 5 tone bars under the top was "better" than 4...and i am convinced that Roger Chaput went to the shop Place Dancourt to choose the one he liked...and this is it.. it sounds absolutely fantastic..perhaps the best sounding one I ever had.. and that, dear readers, is saying something.. The neck was reset and the fingerboard the action and playability are perfect.. Roger Chaput was a musicien and an artist... he was part of the primary scene, and so is this guitar.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1946 Petite Bouche #619

This guitar left the Mantes la Jolie worshop on the 30th of October 1946, and was sold to a certain Mr Delavaux on the 14th of February 1947 and is part of the batch of 35 guitars made somewhat differently than the rest of them..traditionally, the back and sides were made of rosewood, with grafted headstocks and walnut necks.. this one is made of beautiful Honduras mahogany, with a solid non grafted headstock Honduras mahogany neck, with an ebony fingerboard. it is in the purest condition.. nothing was changed or done to this guitar.. no cracks anywhere but an obvious sign of serious "pompe" even still has the original factory bridge.. the sound and playability is outstanding, and it is quite a treat to have a guitar that never had anything done since it left the factory 68 years ago.. THIS IS A GREAT GUITAR NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1946 14 Fret Oval Hole #625

in the Selmer log book, this guitar is registered as being completed on 12.12.46, and sold along with #626 to a Mr Deschamps early in '47. Built with laminated mahogany back and sides, this is an example of these limited such guitars. 60 years later, it remains in outstanding condition.. the top has one crack repaired, and the bottom of the center seam reglued as well. with two little added "wings" on both edges of the top, the company showed little concern for this "miser" practice.. the fingerboard is replaced and new frets installed following the Selmer tradition of rounding off the edges. 100% original, this guitar plays and sounds simply outstanding..rating among one the best Selmer guitars I've ever had.. harder and harder and harder to find in any condition... NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1947 Oval Hole #645

14 fret, mahogany back and sides, walnut neck and ebony fingerboard. this is one of the few mahogany Selmer's, at some point, someone tastefully inset a black pickguard on the top... it was a professional job..., this guitar sounds and plays excellent, and is a lovely example of Selmer's post war work... period European hard case. Period European Hard Case SOLD (BEST OF)

1947 14 fret oval hole #662

this guitar belonged to Sarane Ferret and was entered in the Selmer log book on the 10th of November 1947. The first impression one gets, is that the guitar spend very little time in a's hard gypsy life shows clearly..many scars and scratches, and at some point, the top wmust have been so worn, that the decision to install a "pickguard" was taken as well as several cleats underneath. For all it's outward signs of hard gypsy life, it retains a total structural integrity, and it's soulfull, vibrant voice, comes's simply a great sounding and playing guitar..if it had been in better cosmetic shape, I would have been willing to pay three times the price for it... one of the best I've ever heard.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1947 Oval Hole #665

14 fret, brazillian rosewood back and sides,walnut neck and ebony fingerboard, this guitar suffered some terminal damage to it's back, and it was replaced with a beautiful solid brazilian new back.. in the process, several top cracks were also repaired, a pickguard was removed, it was refretted, and finally the back an sides were French polished.. the guitar sounds great and plays as is fitted with a unique set of factory nickel plated tailpiece and tuners. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1948 Oval Hole #698

14 fret. rosewood back and sides, spruce top, walnut neck and ebony fingerboard. this guitar was bought with another one.. this one belonged to Matelo FERRET, the other one # 662 belonged to Sarane FERRET. It shows it's many gypsy lives, with several closed to cracks as well as an area of wear where a pickguard used to be. nothing though, seems to prevent it from playing and sounding great. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1948 Petite Bouche #703

Very rarely, do opportunities like this one ever occur.. the rig was found in central France, purchased from the son of the original owner, who bought it directly from Selmer in 1948, and recently given to Jerome Casanova, who for years has been the preeminent restorer of these guitars.. in the Selmer log book, # 703 is entered as having been finished on 16 January 1948, and sold on 21 January 1948. it is now in perfect playing condition.. several top cracks were repaired and cleated, the fingerboard replaced, and refretted. the finish is original on the guitar, apart some touch up where the cracks were.. it is accompanied by an outstanding period rig.. a ST51 Stimer and a a period M 10 Stimer amplifier.. the type of set up that evolved from Django's ST 48 set up.. I guess players balked at the idea of screwing a pick up directly on the top of the guitar.. the playability is spot, on and the sound outstanding, NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 Petite Bouche #717

this is a gorgeous guitar in every way..beautiful condition..beautiful sound and playability.. and as always..hard to find in any condition NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 14 fret oval hole #744

Sold to Mr Rodeau on april 2nd 1949.. it is today in excellent condition, with perfect playability and sound.. it has a funky smoky look, leading you to imagine the crowded Gauloise infested cafés where it might have lived..this is an outstanding guitar, crack free, but with a small practically invisible... I mean really invisible repair on the top above the soundhole, that was done decades ago, and that has blended in such a fashion that it can really clearly only be seen with one's face on it..a lovely guitar in every way.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 Oval hole #763

this guitar was entered in the Selmer logbook on the 5th of september 1949 and was sold to a Mr Boursin. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 14 fret Oval Hole #786

Bernard Desquaires bought this guitar brand new at the Selmer shop Place Dancourt on the 3rd of November 1949, and kept it for over 50 years..!! being unable to play it anymore, he decided it needed a new home, hopefully for the next 50 years..!!! rarely in the gypsy world, does one find an original guitar in the hands of the original owner, this is one such rare case... Bernard played and cared for this guitar... it is almost perfect, save for two small repaired cracks on the top, alongside the fingerboard extension... great playablity.terrific gypsy voice.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 Petite Bouche #786

Bernard Desquaires bought this guitar brand new at the Selmer shop Place Dancourt on the 3rd of November 1949, and kept it for over 50 years..!! being unable to play it anymore, he decided it needed a new home.. rarely in the gypsy world, does one find an original guitar in the hands of the original owner, this is one such rare case... Bernard played and cared for this guitar... it is in excellent original condition, save for two small repaired cracks on the top, alongside the fingerboard extension, that were repaired, and cleated. the top still has it's original "bombé..Hank Marvin of "The Shadows" bought this guitar and added it to his already extensive gypsy guitar collection..admitting that one can only play one guitar at a time, after years of playing it, he sent it back to me to offer it to the next luck guy who will own this tremendous sounding and playing guitar.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 14 fret Oval Hole #795

on September 22nd 1949, this guitar was entered in the Selmer log book as having been sold to Mr Cotard..nearly 54 years later it appears in outstanding condition.. it's had some top cracks repaired and cleated. the top shows it's beautiful original arch, and the general condition is really exceptional.. there is no sign of this guitar having been played much.. the frets are like they were when they left the factory... the playability is perfect. it even still has the original Selmer bridge. it has a clear and powerful voice, tons of presence and volume, it simply is a superlative instrument., that is 100% original... !!!! NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 14 fret oval hole #822

this guitar is entered in the Selmer log book as having been sold on October 15, 1949 to a Mr Levy.. judging by the photo of Mr Duchesne, he must have bought it soon after, as it appears like new in his, the guitar is in excellent condition.. a couple of near invisible cracks have been repaired. and some frets have been replaced to match the originals.. playability is excellent, and the sound is dead on..comes with a $600 reissue case.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 Petite Bouche #823

This guitar was sold on the 7th of October 1949 to a Mister some point in it's life, it became the property of Challain Ferré can see a photo of him playing on stage, the guitar as a Lefty.. since then, the black "stick on" pickguard was removed without damaging the is the "classic" model. laminated rosewood back and sides..solid spruce top that is both "bombé" and "plié" at the bridge line.. the fingerboard was replaced and refretted at some point. the neck angle is perfect and does not show to have been resetted at any time..the action is spot on, and there is a second bridge in the case for those hygrometry variations.. in comes in a beautiful reissue case, that is the best copy of the original case.. sturdy and perfect fitting.. the guitar plays and sounds great, and needs absolutely nothing but to be played.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1949 14 fret oval hole #831

Sold to Mr Martinez on the 14th of October 1949...insanely clean.. 100% original.. fabulous sound and playbility.. the "Holy Grail" of Selmer guitars.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1950 14 Fret Oval hole #824

This guitar was sold on November 10th 1950 to the retail store of Jean Beuscher.. with no indication as to who the client was.. Beuscher was one of the few "outlets" for Selmer guitars, outside of their own store Place Dancourt. The guitar is in excellent original condition.. a couple a top cracks have been repaired.. the top arch is as it was the day it was born.. the playability is superb, and the sound is everything one might expect.. clarity, volume, and bark.. during it's life, Hubert Leduc wrote his name on the bottom of the top.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1950 14 Fret Oval #866

This guitar was shipped to Leon Agel's Paris shop on Sep 20th 1950. In the Selmer log, on can notice several guitars sold through his shop, towards the end of production.. one caracteristic of the late production, is the solid rosewood neck, without the habitual grafted headstock. the "pliure" across the top along the bridge, is as strong as the day it was caving signs anywhere, no cracks anywhere.. just some playing some point, the neck was reset, and the guitar refretted, following Selmer's method of rounding off the edges of each fret, and I just replaced the bridge, which will be darkened to match the moustaches..the playability is perfect, and the sound is tremendous.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1951 14 fret oval hole #849

FABULOUS...!!! this is how this guitar is... late example with a rosewood neck without the grafted headstock... it belonged to Loulou Gasté, and is entered in the Selmer log book as having left Mantes on 21/9/51 and having been purchased on 13/12/51.. anybody alive in France during the 50's has heard of Loulou.. songwriter, guitarist, and band leader.. he certainly was quite a presence.. his photo appears in Francois' book on page 13 in the Ray Ventura band with an oval hole, then with a round hole non cut on page 84, and again with a round hole cutaway on page115.. must have liked those Selmer guitars..!! at some point the guitar was refretted in Jean Beuscher's shop, and his label was put inside above the original label... it's got NO cracks, no finish work or overspray.. it does have scatches, but remains in extraordinary condition, with a beautiful original arch to the top... excellent playability and sound...a superlative instrument.. VintageHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1951 14 Fret Oval #851

This guitar was built in October of 1951, and sold to a Mr LEGRAND, on january 23rd 1952. it has had the neck reset, it's been refretted, and fitted with a new bridge.. the top shows some pick wear as well as general wear, but apart from the cosmetic side, it does not have any cracks, and it retains the original arch, so with the reset, it now has a perfect angle, with plenty of string angle, as well as miles of adjustment.. the playability is perfect, and the sound is tremendous.. in short, I feel it is a perfect example of what everybody hopes for.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1951 14 Fret Oval #859

This is a gorgeous example of a late production instrument. the most noticeable detail being the solid rosewood neck, without the usual "grafted" headstock. showing practically no playing wear, the guitar has nonetheless had the fingerboard replaced and new frets installed..the previous owner applied a light coat of French Polish to "clean it up"..the top, or body, or back, have no cracks, and the geometry is a perfect as the day it was built..most excellent playability and sound.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1951 Petite Bouche #862

just a dozen numbers away from the last one, it comes with a solid rosewood neck, ebony fingerboard, laminated rosewood back and sides. the top had a three little holes to fasten the well as a couple of "wear spots" which were addressed with little spruce inlays. remarkably, the top has no cracks and the geometry is perfect..the whole guitar has been French polished and apart from the cosmetic work, the guitar is in outstanding structural condition. the playability is perfect, and the sound is superb. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1951 Petite Bouche #882

This is the "Avant Avant Derniere" official Selmer.. entered in the Selmer log book on December 22nd 1951 and sold to a certain Mr Canavier on February 4th 1952. It has a solid Rosewood neck as many of the latter ones do, it also has a set of new tuner buttons, as the original galalithe ones may have crumbled.. the guitar is in oustanding cracks anywhere.. the geometry of the top is as it was the first day, it plays and sounds great, the action spot on, and the original frets are in great shape.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1952 Oval Hole #861

This guitar has an unusual solid rosewood neck, without the "grafted" headstock, as well as laminated rosewood back and sides. no cracks anywhere, but a lot of nicks and scratches, consistent with it's gypsy life. at some point, one of it's previous owners, decided to add a little finish to the top only.. Maurice Dupont refretted it some time ago, and it is now in fine playing condition. it comes with the nearly impossible original Selmer case. beautiful gypsy sound. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1952 Oval Hole #872

This guitar was entered in the Selmer log as having been completed on the 19th of Feb 1952, and sold to a certain Mr Moyzene on the 5th of march 1952. it is one of the last ones.. it has a solid rosewood neck. no "grafted' headstock as many of the last is in excellent condition, with 4 cracks that have been splinted and touched up so as to be virtually invisible.. the top retains it's original "bombé"..the action is spot on, and the sound is most excellent with greater volume than some.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1960's 'Frankenselmerstein'

No label. No date. This guitar turned up in England. probably the child of an opportunist... made of Selmer parts, it has a Maccaferri body and a Selmer neck.. the neck joins the body at the 13th fret for good luck.. it sports a 680 mm scale.!!!! almost 27 inches..!!! fitted with original Selmer tuners and an original Selmer tenor tailpiece with two additionnal posts..when it surfaced, it had been literally "painted" dark brown with a roller...!!!! Rob Aylward spend hours endeavouring to salvage it.. the back and sides were showing "blisters" or "eruptions" [as in coming apart].. the lower side had also been repaired in the cutaway..the top a couple of cracks... in short it was a big mess... but upon strumming the two rusty strings left holding the bridge, one could hear a cry for help..!!! even in it's condition of "FrankenSelmerstein" it is made of original parts.. therefore worth the salvage... and boy was it worth is now so happy to be alive..!!!! it sings a thunderous tune... [I'm really letting go...] call me for more exhuberant details if you'd like. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)