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1946 14 Fret Oval Hole #625

in the Selmer log book, this guitar is registered as being completed on 12.12.46, and sold along with #626 to a Mr Deschamps early in '47. Built with laminated mahogany back and sides, this is an example of these limited such guitars. 60 years later, it remains in outstanding condition.. the top has one crack repaired, and the bottom of the center seam reglued as well. with two little added "wings" on both edges of the top, the company showed little concern for this "miser" practice.. the fingerboard is replaced and new frets installed following the Selmer tradition of rounding off the edges. 100% original, this guitar plays and sounds simply outstanding..rating among one the best Selmer guitars I've ever had.. harder and harder and harder to find in any condition... NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)