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1960's 'Frankenselmerstein'

No label. No date. This guitar turned up in England. probably the child of an opportunist... made of Selmer parts, it has a Maccaferri body and a Selmer neck.. the neck joins the body at the 13th fret for good luck.. it sports a 680 mm scale.!!!! almost 27 inches..!!! fitted with original Selmer tuners and an original Selmer tenor tailpiece with two additionnal posts..when it surfaced, it had been literally "painted" dark brown with a roller...!!!! Rob Aylward spend hours endeavouring to salvage it.. the back and sides were showing "blisters" or "eruptions" [as in coming apart].. the lower side had also been repaired in the cutaway..the top a couple of cracks... in short it was a big mess... but upon strumming the two rusty strings left holding the bridge, one could hear a cry for help..!!! even in it's condition of "FrankenSelmerstein" it is made of original parts.. therefore worth the salvage... and boy was it worth is now so happy to be alive..!!!! it sings a thunderous tune... [I'm really letting go...] call me for more exhuberant details if you'd like. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)