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1933 Tenor #219

A beautiful untouched 1933 Selmer Maccaferri Tenor "Petit Modèle" serial #219. Complete with the internal resonator and a period gig bag, this guitar has had a most unusual life. It left the Mantes la Jolie workshop on the 27th of February 1933, mistakenly entered in the log as a "Grand Modèle 4 cordes" when it is in fact a "Petit Modèle 4 cordes" along with many other guitars headed to Selmer London. In the beginning of 1933 a large shipment of Tenors along with the new model Eddie Freeman were being delivered. Fate must have been that this cute little guitar never got sold, and eventually was returned to France, where it languished until it became part of the Pierre Beuscher sale in early 1952. Pierre promptly afixed his paper label inside the guitar, as well as his store "plaque" on the back of the heastock. The guitar is in pristine condition...absolutely scratches, and no "moustaches" either. Likely to be the most pristine example of this model in existence!!!" SOLD (BEST OF)