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1949 Petite Bouche #786

Bernard Desquaires bought this guitar brand new at the Selmer shop Place Dancourt on the 3rd of November 1949, and kept it for over 50 years..!! being unable to play it anymore, he decided it needed a new home.. rarely in the gypsy world, does one find an original guitar in the hands of the original owner, this is one such rare case... Bernard played and cared for this guitar... it is in excellent original condition, save for two small repaired cracks on the top, alongside the fingerboard extension, that were repaired, and cleated. the top still has it's original "bombé..Hank Marvin of "The Shadows" bought this guitar and added it to his already extensive gypsy guitar collection..admitting that one can only play one guitar at a time, after years of playing it, he sent it back to me to offer it to the next luck guy who will own this tremendous sounding and playing guitar.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)