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1934 Orchestre #286 Bis

rarely in one's "career", is there an opportunity to come across an 85 year old guitar, in practically new condition.. this is one such guitar.. registered in the log book as a "bis"..on that page, as many as 7 other instruments are marked that way.. A French way of inserting something in between two numbers.. the label says 286, but the log book more accurately names it a "bis".. the other # 286 being a Freeman.. this guitar was sent to London on the 13th of March 1934.. making it most probably one of if not the last early Maccaferri to leave Mantes La Jolie.. in extraordinary for a short surface crack next to the treble fingerboard some point the owner had a clear protector pickguard installed. it has been removed, and one can barely see the outline when looking at a certain angle. the Resonator is intact, and the finish is in pristine condition. the playability is spot on and the sound is superb..this guitar rarely saw daylight.. it comes in the ultra rare original red covering Pergamoid hard case, itself in near new condition.. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)