For Sale

1949 Petite Bouche #823

This guitar was sold on the 7th of October 1949 to a Mister some point in it's life, it became the property of Challain Ferré can see a photo of him playing on stage, the guitar as a Lefty.. since then, the black "stick on" pickguard was removed without damaging the is the "classic" model. laminated rosewood back and sides..solid spruce top that is both "bombé" and "plié" at the bridge line.. the fingerboard was replaced and refretted at some point. the neck angle is perfect and does not show to have been resetted at any time..the action is spot on, and there is a second bridge in the case for those hygrometry variations.. in comes in a beautiful reissue case, that is the best copy of the original case.. sturdy and perfect fitting.. the guitar plays and sounds great, and needs absolutely nothing but to be played.. NHSC $28,000.00