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late 40's Chorus Deluxe #no serial

We have here a rare model Chorus Deluxe, with original arm and knee "rests". the finish has somewhat peeled off over the years, as can be seen in the various photos. one interesting detail, on the headstock, is the presence of the two "stiffening" aluminium bars sticking out at the end..directly "borrowed" from the Maccaferri design, installed in two channels standing "on end" to afford rigidity to the neck without adding significant wait.. the body and sides are maple as well as the two piece neck with a refretted rosewood fingerboard. SB tuners that turn the "right"way, making this guitar one of the earliest to have them installed..original Tailpiece that will only accept loop end strings..original adjustable rosewood bridge, multi-ply binding, bound F holes, all being part tof the "Deluxe" appointments..this guitar plays and sounds great.. to illustrate the difference between a regular Chorus and the Deluxe, you can see a photo of them next to each other.. the regular has non original moustaches and bridge. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)