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1940's di Mauro Chorus Rig

This outfit turned up recently in central France, featuring a brand new condition di Mauro Chorus, equipped with an ST 48 Stimer Pick up with the original cord and an equally near new condition Stimer Amp "Modele M 10" with dual voltage selector 110/220. A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a complete near new gypsy rig that is 65 years old..!!! SOLD (BEST OF)

1940's Chorus

This is a great sounding and playing example of the di Mauro's signature model.. a big chunky manly neck, a bark that is "sans pareil" Vibe and Mojo at no extra cost.. just in case you did not know it, a nice little plaque across the is a DI MAURO..!!! excellent playability, this guitar needs nothing. original SB and tailpiece, replacement bridge. it is ready to bark..!! NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)

1950's Chorus

by the early 50's, the Chorus has stock SB tuners, and an adjustable bridge, earlier considered upgrades. Mahogany back and sides, maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, the guitar is 100% original. the playability is perfect and the 50's style C neck is quite comfortable to play, albeit somewhat beefy for smaller hands.. the sound is spot on..volume and character..another great example of the di Mauro creation. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)