1977 14 Fret Oval hole #561 (duplicate number)


1982 Oval Hole 14 Fret #216

Laminated Rosewood back and sides. Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard. Fitted with a McIntyre pickup. Excellent tone and playability. This is one of the best sounding Anastasio's I've ever had. NHSC SOLD

1985 Oval hole #56

wild Brazilian laminated back and sides, Ebony fingerboard, Mahogany neck, vintage tint solid spruce top. a couple of superficial finish splits from the fingerboard extension, minor "eruptions" in the laminated back. super gypsy sound...ready to go...!!! HSC SOLD

1986 14 fret oval hole #60

laminated wild Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. somebody installed a pick up with a side input jack... it looks like a contact type, situated behind the bridge plate.. not quite sure what brand it is...possibly a Mc Intyre... the top shows a couple of minor splits between the end of the fingerboard and the hole.. I say minor because they do not go through the top, since around that area there is a semi circular piece of wood glued underneath to strengthen it (original).. excellent neck angle.. tall bridge.. perfect action.. and definitively excellent gypsy sound. this one is a super example of Pierre's work.. NHSC SOLD

1986 Oval Hole #95

solid spruce top.laminated rosewood back and sides, maqhogany neck and ebony fingerboard.. this guitar is in excellent plus condition, with playability and sound.. NHSC SOLD

1987 14fret D hole #76

this one is a beautiful example of Pierre's late production..laminated rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard.. it is in excellent condition.. is has a strong gypsy voice.. this is the exact style of guitar that Angelo Debarre played for years..examples this good don't turn up much anymore... NHSC SOLD

1989 14 fret Oval hole #104D

solid maple back and sides, maple neck with ebony fingerboard. bright crunchy gypsy sound, one excellent example of Pierre's work. NHSC SOLD

1990 Grande Bouche #132

From the month of November. Excellent original gypsy guitar, with laminated Brazilian rosewood back and sides and a Walnut neck. It is outfitted with a set of DR tuners and tailpiece that gypsy style lovers appreciate on these guitars... lively and open sounding, this is a near perfect example of Pierre's work.. NHSC SOLD

1990 14 Fret D hole #194 D

beautiful Brazilian laminated back and sides.. solid spruce top, walnut neck with ebony fingerboard..670mm scale.. outfitted with a Mc Intyre pick up..this is a suberb sounding and playing guitar in near new condition.. this model by Pierre Anastasio was Angelo Debarre's choice for many years and many recordings.. it affords a wide tonal spectrum and is a great gypsy guitar.. so buy it now...!!! NHSC SOLD

1991 14 fret D hole #224D

Pierre's classic model...that was Angelo Debarre's style of guitar for years.. this one is a laminated maple version..solid maple neck and ebony fingerboard. bright, responsive.. a very happy guitar. in near new condition.. NHSC SOLD

circa 1980's Petite Bouche

Mahogany back, sides and neck..rosewood fingerboard, solid spruce top.. the tuners are changed. spot on playability and gypsy sound.. these are becoming rather rare since Pierre passed away.. NHSC SOLD