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1930's Flat Top #no serial

this is an extremely rare, AND extremely early Busato Guitar..sporting the rue d'Orgemont label from 1934... never seen nor heard of another one..when I found it, it was in need of tender loving care.. it took great dedication for Carl Meine of Wisconsin to bring it back to life..!!! largely inspired by the banjos of the time, Bortolo Busato brought the "Nacro-laque" to this guitar, and likely inspired by Gibson and it's use of the "new material" on the fingerboard of the "Century of Progress" model, as well as Italian accordions of the period..interestingly conceived as a hybrid instrument..steel string Flat Top, but with a tailpiece and a "floating" bridge just like the French gypsy guitars of the times..excellent playability and truly most uniquely interesting sound..laminated mahogany back and sides..mahogany neck..solid spruce top... she is a one of a kind..!!! NHSC $4,500.00

1966 Flat Top #3

This is a very early example of Jacques Favino's foray into the Flat Top world.. the serial number # 3 might be an indication..or not.. laminated rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, "classic" Favino three piece maple neck, with rosewood fingerboard.. this guitar might be his interpretation of a J-200, albeit with an 18 inch lower bout. early left over SB Tuners that turn backwards, gotta use what you got...!!. this guitar saw very little play time.. the sound is full, and it carries the same type of uncanny reverb that is found in the jazz models..go figure. it has a couple of "age" cracks on the top that are stable, and can be ignored, as they have no bearing on anything other than the cosmetic appearance... comes in a super super tight period Favino case, that requires some wiggling to install and extract.. but hey.. it's original, and as rare as the guitar..!! UPDATE.. the neck was showing signs of needing addressing.. it's being reset, and now the action is low is the saddle is high..plays like butter OHSC $3,500.00

2009 M-12 #0014

Maurice Dupont's recreation of Django's Stimer Amp. 12 watts..single 12' speaker..2 knobs..gain and tone..(i love that).. pair this up with a vintage or reissue Stimer Pick Up, and you've got your Django rig today..weighs 20 pounds, portable and ultra cool..beautiful leatherette covering.. so yummy you want to lick it.. what other amplification could you possibly need..?? in like new condition.. comes with the TWO original shipping cartons.. $1,500.00