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circa 1950's 14 fret D hole #no serial

This is a really good example from a family that has been building guitars in Paris for decades, joining the ranks of established Italian Luthiers.. laminated Mahogany back and sides, solid Spruce top, with a Rosewood fingerboard, 670mm scale, with a really comfortable and fast neck. it has been refretted, and outfitted with modern tuners and came with really crummy tuners of that period that turned backwards and an equally crummy tailpiece. there is a "Symphonia" label on the inside, which was a retail shop boulevard Magenta that sold String and Wind Instruments. no cracks anywhere, just some honest dings here and can remark the lovely touch of marquetry all around the rims of the guitar, as per Castelluccia's tradition.. the guitar plays and sounds great, with an extraordinary amount of built in reverberation in the upper register, as well as a resonant bottom end..the guitar weighs 3lbs 12 oz.. light and lively.. NHSC SOLD (BEST OF)