Best of Gallery

early 40's

when was the last time you saw a case that was made of laminated wood that resembles a "Camenbert" box..?? or a case that has a label that suggests the owner sailed on the "France"..?? the French unsunken version of Titanic..!! well feast your eyes on such a case.. it houses a Busato guitar..made most probably around the War.. it has the same dimension of the Selmer guitar but distinctive feature is the "egg shaped" soundhole..only the second such guitar i have ever had.. solid spruce top, laminated walnut back and sides, and replaced ebony fingerboard, as well as a new set of tuners and tailpiece to replace the cheap old set that turned backwards, and the cheaper yet bent metal tailpiece. the playabiity is spot on and the sound is "superbe".. OHSC SOLD (BEST OF)