For Sale

1940 Grand Luxe #no serial

This is truly an exceptional guitar.. by it's rarity, it's condition, and it's extraordinary tone.. Busato Grand Luxe do not appear very often.. this one is even rarer as it is a 14 fret large is also outfitted with a detachable PU, the likes of which I have never seen before.. it is called the "Amplific" made in Paris..!!! most probably contemporary to Stimer.. the bracket affixed at the end of the fingerboard, allows for a quick installation and removal. the guitar was refretted while preserving the original inlays, and now the playability is spot on.. the fingerboard is radiused, which is another noteworthy aspect of this guitar.. also sporting a snazzy original pickguard.. no cracks ..the guitar was played but not abused.. the action is perfect and the sound, volume and tone are of a superlative order.. NHSC $17,500.00

1940's Grand Modèle "VBBB"

This guitar shows certainly the most beautiful brazilian laminated back.. and is nicknamed the "VBBBB". no cracks on the top, the neck has been reset, the fingerboard replaced and refretted.. the adjustable bridge is original to the guitar.. it has the paper label, the headstock plaque, an unusal BB taipiece with a wood inset, and a proper set of modern BB tuners.again, this guitar is simply tremendous..playability, action, sound.. THIS IS A GREAT GUITAR.. NHSC $15,500.00

1940's Selmer Model 14 fret

Petite Bouche "Egg Shaped".. with the" Cité Griset" white label on the neck block.. 680mm scale..!!! the longest anywhere..!! Selmer size, but 1cm shallower.. laminated rosewood back and sides..solid spruce top..solid mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard.. this guitar was likely made right after the War.. it came with the crummiest tuners and tailpiece, and the top was "assembled" with several pieces of spruce, as I imagined the supply of wood was thin from years of war.. considering that it was an "accepted practice", they gave those pieces a name.. "Chanteaux"..the guitar is outfitted with Schaller gypsy tuners and a Busato replica was also refretted, so now the playbilty and action are perfect.. barkier and more compressed than others, this guitar wants to be played..!!! NHSC $9,500.00

1950's Jazz

This is the first F hole Busato i have ever the time it was built, the one feature that made it a "special" Jazz guitar was a radiused is in excellent condition with it's original set of BB tuners and tailpiece. 670mm scale, with it's black finish it is hard to determine the outer wood it's made of..could be maple..could be mahogany. bits of the fingerboard inlays are broken off, but it does not hinder playing. the neck is quite modern in contour, and the playability is perfect. it not only sounds great with a broad spectrum voice, it literally "sings".. this is truly an amazing sounding and playing guitar NHSC $7,000.00