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1938 Bouche Ronde #448

This guitar is part of a batch of unfinished guitars that was left from the Maccaferri era.. the decision was made at the Atelier to complete the "left over" bodies and build them with a "simpler traditional" Round Hole the Selmer log it is marked as having been sold to a Mr Montreux (or sent to the city of) on 27/10/1938. the guitar shows it's gypsy life..with several well repaired top also has been refretted, and now plays like a dream. It has a big open voice, broader sounding than the oval. only half a dozen have surfaced in all the is truly a special guitar NHSC $20,000.00

1942 Petite Bouche #575

This guitar belongs in the "Pantheon of Gypsy Players"...This is Roger Chaput's Petite Bouche..many will wonder why on earth the "transformation" to a round hole.. why the "marquettry..why the pickguard..?? he was a Musician, a Painter, a Artist with a capital A, and there is no doubt that he tried his hand at "Lutherie" as well.. Mr Chaput is no longer with us to answer these questions..he was the first and BEST Gadjo guitar player to play with Django..he does have a place in that small Pantheon..a very elite spot along with Henri Crolla, Didi Duprat and Loulou Gasté....I lifted a couple of shots of Roger with Django when they were both playing Maccaferri D holes... The guitar sounds and plays is part of the 500 series guitars..where we find all the best sounding ones..although it is far enough down that series, that the Atelier might have decided that 5 tone bars under the top was "better" than 4...and i am convinced that Roger Chaput went to the shop Place Dancourt to choose the one he liked...and this is it.. it sounds absolutely fantastic..perhaps the best sounding one I ever had.. and that, dear readers, is saying something.. The neck was reset and the fingerboard the action and playability are perfect.. Roger Chaput was a musicien and an artist... he was part of the primary scene, and so is this guitar.. NHSC $30,000.00

1946 Petite Bouche #619

This guitar left the Mantes la Jolie worshop on the 30th of October 1946, and was sold to a certain Mr Delavaux on the 14th of February 1947 and is part of the batch of 35 guitars made somewhat differently than the rest of them..traditionally, the back and sides were made of rosewood, with grafted headstocks and walnut necks.. this one is made of beautiful Honduras mahogany, with a solid non grafted headstock Honduras mahogany neck, with an ebony fingerboard. it is in the purest condition.. nothing was changed or done to this guitar.. no cracks anywhere but an obvious sign of serious "pompe" even still has the original factory bridge.. the sound and playability is outstanding, and it is quite a treat to have a guitar that never had anything done since it left the factory 68 years ago.. THIS IS A GREAT GUITAR NHSC $32,000.00